Science Week!

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Recently we had Science Week at St. Anne’s and in the Foundation Stage we had some exploding fun!!!

We put some mints into cola to see what would happen! We all enjoyed watching it erupt!


Our picnic on the moon!

The Nursery class have been reading Whatever Next, by Jill Murphy. In the story Baby Bear goes to the moon in a rocket and has a picnic… so Nursery also decided to go to the moon. We have been busy making lists and following instructions to make jam sandwiches! Then during Golden time, on Friday, we when Whoosh to the moon for our picnic!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of us making jam sandwiches and eating them on the moon!

You can click on the picture to make them bigger.


Messy Play!

Mrs McIver decided to put shaving foam and corn flour together to see what would happen! The Nursery children loved mixing it and used some wonderful describing words as the talked about the texture. They also attempted writing letters and drawing shapes in it. It was lots of fun and the children loved getting messy!!!!

Our trip to Stockley Farm!

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Nursery and Reception class took a trip to Stockley Farm and were shining examples of our school throughout which was reflected in their behaviour and manners. The children fed the lambs, pigs, stroked rabbits Bob and Dylan, looked after Flair and enjoyed sitting on hay stacks during their tractor ride. It resulted in some lovely pieces of writing which included a recount of the day and their favourite parts of their exciting day out. A fun filled day out sure to be remembered!

Nursery Pirate Party!

Nursery had a wonderful time learning about Pirates and to finish our topic we enjoyed a Pirate Party! We had a parade, played pirate games, danced to pirate music and ate our pirate biscuits. We hope you like our pictures and let Nursery know what you think by leaving us some comments.

Nursery Visitor

For Science Week Nursery had a visitor! Nurse Sarah came to tell us about her job role looking after people and type of equipment she uses. Some children showed Nurse Sarah the healthy lunch pictures we had been making. Then all children got a certificate for washing their hands with Nurse Sarah as she helped them to wash them the correct way!

Thanks for the Visit from all the Nursery.

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World Book Day

The Foundation Stage had a wonderful day. The children wore brilliant outfits and brought in their favourite books to share with the class. One child even brought in their favourite book in Polish. It was lovely to share the children’s books, giving them an opportunity to talk about their favourite part of the story or retell it to the class.

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Outdoor Books – Learning Through Reading.

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As we approach world book week we showcase just how much reading can influence children through imanginative play, creativity and increase their vocabulary. Our outdoor books helps to boost this. The Blue Balloon, Not A Box, The Magic Paintbrush and Rumble In The Jungle are a few of the books that have been focused on outside resulting in the children writing labels, making cars, robots, pirate ships and much more out of a simple box. The magic paintbrush gave an insight into what the children are interested in as they painted the things they wanted to become real and using the instruments outside the children made their own rumble in the jungle! So it is important to read, read, read! The author Reception will be focusing on during world book week is Julia Donaldson and Nursery will be focusing Nick Butterworth. Stay tuned for all the great activities!